This page contains information to assist in the preparation of CESU project "Application" documents in GrantSolutions, the new DOI enterprise financial assistance management system. “Application" is now the general term used for preparation and submission of documents required for each project award action (e.g., new project awards, modifications to existing project awards) under the GrantSolutions system.

A current list of CESU partners may be found on the CESU Partners webpage.

CESU Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreements and Amendments may be found on each individual CESU's webpage.

Financial Assistance Standard Forms and Related Documents may be found on the Financial Assistance Forms webpage.

National Park Service Guidance for CESU Projects in GrantSolutions (forthcoming)

NPS Financial Assistance Regions and Contacts (forthcoming)

Map of National Park Service Financial Assistance Regions (2018)

List of NPS Financial Assistance Regions -

Map of Department of the Interior (DOI) Unified Regions (2019).

List of DOI Unified Regions -

CESU Unit Standard Abbreviations

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