Participating Partners

Over 500 partner organizations participate in the CESU Network. The most recent list is available here.

Administrative Guidance Documents

CESU Network partners use these documents to guide their activities.

Briefing Materials

The CESU Network National Office prepared a map, a presentation, and printable fact sheets about the CESU Network.

CESU Project Tracker

The CESU Project Tracker serves as an online repository and catalog for collaborative projects conducted by CESU federal and nonfederal partners.

Project Spotlights

There have been more than 15,000 CESU projects. Read about a few in our Project Spotlight series, a two-page printable summary.

CESU Logos

Need a CESU logo for your presentation, website, or report? Click here to download it.

Financial Assistance Information for GrantSolutions

CESU Network partners use this information for preparation of project "Application" documents in GrantSolutions, the new DOI enterprise financial assistance management system.

Financial Assistance Standard Forms and Related Documents

CESU Network partners use these documents to support collaborative projects.

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